Wayback Wednesday.


Where are we going today Mr. Peabody? Sherman, we are travelling back to 2011 to see for ourselves why it's not a good thing to play chicken with a ship in a channel.

Wrecked on wednesday


Wrecked on wednesday2

Ah-oh, mast fall down and go boom.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tUoUxzt9sI]

Fall off, fall off...too late! Nice sail shape.

Former Naval officer and skipper of the Atalanta of Chester, Ronald Wilson and his crew of serving or former Royal Navy personnel managed to collide with the tanker ship, Hanne Knutsen. The yacht's highly experienced crew - which consisted of serving and retired Royal Navy officers - had failed to correctly anticipate the tanker's movements. Do tell! A big red ship, balsting it's horn and sailing up a narrow channel, damn near impossible to tell where it's going.

Hubris is not a good thing.

Wrecks On Wednesday: Spanish Ship Splits In Half. (Moving Pictures)

Wrecks on wednesday

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuzSkFlsILc]

What happens when your engines give out and you're next to a seawall? Munchola!

The Spanish cargo ship Luno collided into the sea wall at Anglet, after its engines failed. More at the BBC and Hybridcar.com.

Mommy Monday. (Moving Pictures)

Zumaia Marina

Wait a second, Joe. This doesn't cry out Mommy. It looks so pleasant and peaceful. What a nice little marina. Ah, my friends, looks can be decieving.


I wonder what happens out past the breakwater? Hm, I wonder?


Hm, I wonder?


Velero volcado en Zumaia from Gabi on Vimeo.

You've probably seen the photos from a few years back of our brillant band of heroes attempting to sail past the breakwater into the marina at Zumaia, now see the video. Via our friends at Pressure Drop.

One Of The Benefits Of Sailing A Modern Sport Boat.



A competitive approach to sailing: above all, speed. Relatively small, overcanvassed and overpowered boats, suffering notorious lack of stability, dominate the contemporary racing scene. - C. A. Marchaj

Maybe I should rethink the whole spot boat thing and stick with my orginal idea of building an outrigger sailing canoe.