Sailing Photo Of The Day. "Old Faithful."

Old faithful

I remember back in the day when "Dear Sir" would rail against my beloved Force 5. Like many Newport tychoons who reach a certain age, he's being tempted by a younger filly. It will be sad to see "the kindly old Grand Dad" sucumumb to the siren song of the youthful vixen. She's a harlot sir, after your money

Photo of two Laser 4.7s (Via Shoreline Sailboats) - Semper fidelis!

Breaking News: Famed Circumnavigator of Oahu To Sail Across The Pacific In A Laser.

Mark denzer 01

Mark denzer 02

For the first time ever, a hybridized Laser sailboat has been admitted to the 2014 Pacific Cup. In a move intended to broaden the financial base of the famous race to Hawaii, the Pac Cup qualifying committee has agreed to admit the famous circumnavigator of Oahu, Mark Denzer and his adapted Laser Sailboat to the San Francisco to Hawaii Yacht Race.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pxb6BRe7Weo]

Also from Hawai'i: In an effort to make the America's Cup a more accessible race, Larry Ellison has decided to ditch multihulls in favor of foiling Lasers. "I want to move away from the image that sailing is for rich guys with tons of money. From this day forward, the America's Cup will now be known as the People's Cup. In keeping with that sentinment we will switch from boats that cost more than the GDP of Togo to Lasers."

Tillerman Tuesday.


I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I think that the Laser would be a great boat to have for the advanced students to move into after sailing the Capri 14.2. Oh no, say it ain't so, Joe! But why?  I really like the idea of having 3 different rigs. This makes the Laser more versatile than my former boat, the Force 5, and it will give the students some excitement sailing on the Bay.

I really have joined the dark side.

Tillerman Tuesday. "Flame On!"

Flame on

The Laser has been torched! Say it ain't so, Joe.



Is the Laser as dead as a Dodo, Joe? I don't know.


Orange Peeler


Will they appear along the roadside like your old beloved Banshee, lonely and unloved waiting for you to restore? What did that Laser sailor say to me about restoring the Banshee when I posted on Sailing Anarchy? Oh yeah, it's a dead class. Don't waste your time, it's only fit to be sunk and turned into a reef.

Force 5

Or will the Laser shrink into a miniscule class with a few true believers?


But wait! For a limited time only, you too can transform your Laser into a Torch. That's right, you won't be left behind. Call or visit our website today and order your new sails with our logo on it. You'll need it if you want to sail in the Rio Olympics or any local regatta. You don't want to end up being mocked and derided by all the cool people. Act today, before it's too late.

A big thank you to Pat Byrnes for the inspiration.

Tillerman Tuesday On Wednesday.


Old son, this is what proper food should look like. The top one is for me, and the bottom on is for you (vegetarian). Hopefully you won't run for the nearest exit and high tail it down to the local pub to calm your nerves.

For clarification on this post take a look at this photo. Please, if you have little children in the room, cover their eyes. I don't wish them to be traumitized for life.

note to Baydog: let the food posts begin!