Baydog Accuses Larry Of Being A Traitor! Let's Examine The Facts.


Flag of Sir Ben.
Saviour of America! (I thought we fought a war with these blokes?)


Flag of Russell Coutts and some of "Team USA."
New Zealand - Commonwealth member.


Flag of Jimmy Spithill and most of "Team USA."
Australia - Commonwealth member. Hm, I beginning to sense a pattern.


Flag of the Lord of Lanai, aka Larry Ellison
Hawaii - "Discovered" by Captain Cook who ended up getting conked on the head after attempting to kidnap his host, King Kalaniʻōpuʻu. Never bite the hand that feeds you!


Flag of the home of the next America's Cup.
Bermuda - British Overseas Territory. Larry's next purchase....oh wait, they'll let him have it for free. Cheerio!

Verdict: Benedict Arnold! He too pretended to be a patriot.

Ben larry2

I serve at the pleasure of Her Majesty The Queen.
If we don't have Americans on Team USA, then we don't have to defend the America's Cup in America.