Tillerman Tuesday. "Flame On!"

Flame on

The Laser has been torched! Say it ain't so, Joe.



Is the Laser as dead as a Dodo, Joe? I don't know.


Orange Peeler


Will they appear along the roadside like your old beloved Banshee, lonely and unloved waiting for you to restore? What did that Laser sailor say to me about restoring the Banshee when I posted on Sailing Anarchy? Oh yeah, it's a dead class. Don't waste your time, it's only fit to be sunk and turned into a reef.

Force 5

Or will the Laser shrink into a miniscule class with a few true believers?


But wait! For a limited time only, you too can transform your Laser into a Torch. That's right, you won't be left behind. Call or visit our website today and order your new sails with our logo on it. You'll need it if you want to sail in the Rio Olympics or any local regatta. You don't want to end up being mocked and derided by all the cool people. Act today, before it's too late.

A big thank you to Pat Byrnes for the inspiration.