Friday Fishwrap.

Beaches in New York City? Get outta here.

Philippe's boat catches a net. Where's da fish bra?

Lasers, Lasers, Lasers and more Lasers. Always Lasers.....
hold the fort. Bat Mite it appears we have to battle Shower
Curtain Guy!

Did you know that Adam is a Parrothead? Who'd a thunk it?

The Tillerman's hijo loves his rubber ducky.

Bra drag i Skagen. It's in Swedish, let's just say, "Oops!"

Fix that motherboard, I want some more fish.

WetAss brings us some more tidbits:

  • Day 88, what will I do for the next 912 days.
  • Forgive me for not being a Math major, but I think that 8 guys and a girl = trouble.
  • Puffy get's his 15 minutes, kudos Michael!

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