The WaterTribe. Expedition-Style Adventure Racing In Small Boats. (Moving Pictures)




“The purpose of WaterTribe is to encourage the development of boats, equipment, skills and human athletic performance for safe and efficient coastal cruising using minimal impact human and wind powered watercraft based on sea kayaks, canoes, and small sailboats.” ~ Chief, February 2000

Triak Tuesday.

Triak tuesday

Look, it's Joe sailing a kayak on the Bay!
This past Sunday I had the opportunity to take a Triak out for a spin. I won't go into detail yet, but I wil say this, "Wow, what a great boat!"

Stay tuned, I plan on doing a write up about my experience sailing this multi-hull wonder in a day or two....if I don't procrastinate.

Do You Hate Wearing A PFD? This Could Be The Solution: An Inflatable Rash Guard. (Moving Pictures)








The Aqua Life Inflatable Shirt is a close fitting shirt that is designed to be used in water activities where protection or buoyancy is required. The shirt is ideal for all water sports. The patented zip up front makes the shirt easy to wear and take off. Aqua Life inflatable shirts are designed for maximum comfort and support. The shirts are double lined eliminating itching, chaffing and scratching.

The embedded and adjustable waist band ensures the shirt stays snug to the body in all conditions. It won't fill up with water or ride up like a wet t-shirt, or even worse, be pulled off in rough surf conditions. Some of the more frequent uses of the shirt include: swimming, surfing, body surfing, body boarding, water skiing, surf skiing, snorkeling, canoeing and kite surfing. If it involves water, then a "Aqua Life" shirt should be considered. The shirt is available in all sizes and suitable for all ages from 2 to 92. Aqua Life inflatable shirts are available in a variety of colors and can be made with matching company logos and other options. Optional configurations include, but not limited to: short, long or no sleeves, strobe lights, whistles for attracting attention, and many many more.

I Wonder Why Stand Up Paddling Is More Popular Than Sailing?



Sup with wahine and her dog

You can bring a friend with you.


Sup dogs

You can bring lots of friends with you!

Sup surf

You wouldn't want to do this with a sailboat.

Father and daughter

Your kid won't become traumatized by a lunatuc sailing instructor screaming at her during sailing camp. It's just a about fun.

Commute to the office

Versatility is the name of the game.
You can throw multiple boards on the roof of your car, so they're easy to transport. You can paddle them on rivers, lakes, bays and the ocean. You can go surfing.  You can practice your asanas on them. You can fish from them. You can even put a mast on one and go windsurfing. Clean up is a snap!

Everything That Has Been Will Be, Everything That Will Be Is, Everything That Will Be Has Been.











Capital idea, Jeeves. If we can do yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard, why not turn one into a sailing craft! Wait a second, didn't I see this movie back in the 70s?

Want that flashback, take a stroll over to Ta'loo-ard Paddlesail.

Warning: Do not use in more than 12 knots of wind while Stand Up Paddle Sailing. Stay close to shore. Paddle with a buddy


In case you're wondering, Bonnie requested a Primo.

Warning: Do not drink and Stand Up Paddle Sail. Stay on the shore. Drink with a buddy

Not Your Grand Dad's Goat Boat!






We paddlers love to be referred to by surfers as "Goat Boaters." Such a term of endearment. Of course when I swap out the ski for a little stand up paddling, I'm called a janitor. Then again when I bodysurf, I fear for my life when I see "Goat Boaters" and "Janitors." So much love. Can't we all just get along. see notes

note to all: respect the lineup. learn surfing etiquette!
note fellow paddlers: don't be a wave hog, use common sense, don't go paddling into an area with a lot of surfers.

Photos via Epic Kayak and Paddles FaceBook page.