Memorial Day

Patrol Squadron 22 - VP 22 - QA 6
Memorial Day is not an abstraction for me. It is a real day to pay homage to those who have died in service to our nation.

Aircraft BUNO: 154596 (QA 6) departed NAS Cubi Point, Philippines at 0709 local time for an eleven (11) hour surveillance flight. Aircraft integrity and negative torque system checks were completed and aircraft continued to climb on course.  At 0714, altitude approximately 6,000 feet. A loud bang was heard accompanied by severe vibration throughout the airframe. The off duty Flight Engineer informed the Flight Station that the NR4 prop had departed the engine. Fire warning sounded on NR4 engine. NR4 engine was secured TAW Natops and the HRD discharged. Visual indications were that the fire was not out and the alternate HRD was selected and discharged. At that time, the NR3 engine was observed at 110 percent rpm, turbine inlet temperature of 1202 degrees centigrade, and the associated power lever was traveling violently fore and aft through the alpha range. Fire warning sounded on NR3 engine and the engine was secured with the E-Handle. The airframe vibration diminished, NR3 engine was observed to be torching and windmilling at low rpm. However, the fire warning went out. The aircraft then rolled to the right approximately 60 degrees right wing down and 10 degrees to 15 degrees nose down. Power was reduced on engines 1 and 2 to regain control of the aircraft. The pilot leveled at 2500 ft, declared an emergency, and was given vectors to NAS Cubi Point, Philippines dumping of fuel was initiated and aircraft was descended to 100ft in preparation for immediate ditching. Approximately 15 to 30 seconds after the landing gear was lowered, the aircraft began to roll to the right, full left aieleron and rudder were applied with no apparent results. Aircraft BUNO 154596 impacted the water 15 degrees right wing down, 3 to 5 degres nose low 1400 yards from runway 07 at 0724 local 27JUN79. 5 aircrewmen were killed...." 

Time may pass but I will never forget you guys. May God watch over you forever.
Remember our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and their sacrafice when you eat that hamburger this weekend.

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