We Call This House, Future House. Another Great Video By Kirsten Dirksen.

To bring natural homes into the 21 Century, architect Tono Mirai designed "Future House": a home that blends earth building and traditional joinery with modern design. Located in Miura, Kanagawa (about an hour and a half south of Tokyo), this fusion home was built for a businessman and his wife and 3 children.

Open Source Home Design. (The Boathouse)

Designer Ryan Frank wanted a semi-mobile home for a small plot in a "sensitive area". He thought about yurts and domes, but settled for an open source design he found online. Often called a "boathouse" or "gothic arch" structure, it was originally developed by a boat builder; it's centerpiece are the wooden support ribs.

From faircompanies:  Frank built the home for about 1000 euros in roughly 100 hours. He now lives in it full-time with his girlfriend, though they use a separate camper as a kitchen, as well as a separate composting toilet and outdoor shower.

Ave Mundi Spes Maria.

Ave mundi spes Maria, ave mitis, ave pia, ave plena gratia. 

Ave virgo singularis, quć per rubum designaris non passus incendia. 
Ave rosa speciosa, ave Jesse virgula: 
Cujus fructus nostri luctus relaxavit vincula. 

Ave cujus viscera contra mortis foedera ediderunt filium. 
Ave carens simili, mundo diu flebili reparasti gaudium. 
Ave virginum lucerna, per quam fulsit lux superna his quos umbra tenuit. 
Ave virgo de qua nasci, et de cujus lacte pasci res cćlorum voluit. 

Ave gemma coeli luminarium. 
Ave Sancti Spiritus sacrarium. 

Oh, quam mirabilis, et quam laudabilis hćc est virginitas! 
In qua per spiritum facta paraclitum fulsit foecunditas. 

Oh, quam sancta, quam serena, quam benigna, quam amoena esse virgo creditur! 
Per quam servitus finitur, posta coeli aperitur, et libertas redditur. 
Oh, castitatis lilium, tuum precare filium, qui salus est humilium: 
Ne nos pro nostro vitio, in flebili judicio subjiciat supplicio. 

Sed nos tua sancta prece mundans a peccati fćce collocet in lucis domo. 
Amen dicat omnis homo.

The Numbers Don't Lie, The World Is Getting Better.

An animated data-driven documentary about war and peace, The Fallen of World War II looks at the human cost of the second World War and sizes up the numbers to other wars in history, including trends in recent conflicts. Visit for the interactive version and more information Written, directed, coded, narrated by Sound and music by

Dick Proenneke, Outdoorsman Extraordinaire. "Alone In The Wilderness." - "Alone in the Wilderness" is the story of Dick Proenneke living in the Alaska wilderness. Dick filmed his adventures so he could show his relatives in the lower 48 states what life was like in Alaska, building his cabin, hunting for food and exploring the area. - Dick Proenneke's simple, yet profound account of his 30 year adventure in the remote Alaska wilderness continues in this sequel to "Alone in the Wilderness". Watch through his eyes as he continues to document with his 16mm wind-up Bolex camera, capturing his own amazing craftsmanship, the stunning Alaskan wildlife and scenery and even a visit from his brother Ray (Jake).