Getting Back Into Windsurfing. (moving pictures)

Olden days square

After a very long time, I've been convinced by a friend to get back into windsurfing. So I'll be going over to Berkeley sometime this month and start sailing(windsurfing...board sailing) at Cal Sailing. For a mere $99, I'm able to sail 7 days a week for 3 months.







Funny Thing How Everyone Wants To Foil, Now. (Moving Pictures)




by h2ojoe

Let's hop into the wayback machine, watch some vids, eat some popcorn, drink beer, and see what people were doing 6 or 7 years ago. Hello, Johnny-come-latelies! The dance has been going on awhile.

Fuimos A La Playa Y Jugó En La Bahía.

Bay a

Bay b

Bay c

Bay d

Bay e

Bay f

Bay g

Bay h

Bay j

Bay o

Bay n

Bay i

Fun was had by all.

Joe talks to a Kiteboarder.
Joe to Kiteboarder: How long have you been kiteboarding?
Kiteboarder to Joe: I've been kiteboarding for 5 years. Before that, I windsurfed for 20 years.
Joe to Kiteboarder: Do you still windsurf?
Kiteboarder to Joe: No! My buddies and I sold all our gear. Kiteboarding is a lot more fun and less work.
Moral of the story: It's all about fun!

See you on the water!

Link Of The Week. "The 10-Step Guide to Windsurfing."


I was toying with the idea of bringing back the "Link Of The Day," but quickly threw that one into the trash can because I'm such a lazy so and so. So, let's see how many weeks I'll be serving links, hash browns and eggs (over easy, please).


This week's link is to the The 10-Step Guide to Windsurfing by Bill Prinzmetal over at Cal Sailing. It's a nice little guide (loaded with some good diagrams and photos) of beginner to intermediate windsurfing skills. Check it out if you're interested in learning Windsurfing or want to brush up on your skills.