Boat Of The Day.




What is it, Joe? Hot Tub Time Machine?

Hot Tub Boats is a concept born out of necessity.  Ok, maybe it was a bit more of a “want” but sometimes the line between the two is a bit blurry.  That’s what living on a boat through many,  wet Seattle winters will drive one to create.

Hot Tub Boats is an independent business in the Seattle Metro area. Concept, design, build and execution have all been in-house by a small, devoted team of shipwrights.  We are committed to preserving our community, job growth and protecting our valuable and abundant waterways.

Our free thinking environment allowed us to break the mold and create a Revolutionary design.  By merging classic wooden boat design with radical concepts we created a truly one of a kind vessel.

What is the Hot Tub Boat experience?

Hot Tub Boats offers one of the most luxurious and magical experiences.  More specifically, we provide comfort and relaxation, with a revolving scenery of a beautiful and extraordinary city or any remote location.