Happy New Year + 5 Days!


Thank you for the upgrade, AT&T!
You know that new router that you sent me, it has celebratory flashing red indicator lights. Let me tell you how thrilled I was waiting on the phone for 2 hours for someone to tell me, "Yeah, you're router is defective."  I also want to thank you for sending out a technician who also said, "Yeah, you're router is defective." Then he added to my joy by telling me, "Your phone line needs to be rewired in order to have the upgrade. Did I mention that this service call is $100 an hour?" Ka-ching! Can you say Xfinity?

I really wish the Luddites in San Francisco hadn't blocked Google from giving us free Wi-Fi.

Thanks to an unsecured network from a nieghbor's house and a spot in my kitchen, I have snuck back onto the web.