Friday Fish Wrap.

The highlights of the week from my fellow waterlogged bloggers and others.
sunfish PVC dolly – update
just wanted to give a quick update on my home-made Sunfish PVC dolly.

sunfish trailer updates
while visiting with my in-law’s over
Memorial Day weekend, I took advantage of having a father-in-law that
likes to fiddle with fixing up old cars and has made many friends with
unique tools (thanks Larry and Doyt!).  we pulled my beat up rusty old
boat trailer out into the country farmland to Doyt’s house to use his
heavy-duty air compressor and sand-blaster.

The Darkness
It was time for my watch, so I dragged myself out of "bed", pulled on
some foulies, donned the PFD, and climbed up the companionway, ready to
tether on for another three hours of sailing. As my head popped up, all
I saw was a dim green glow from the compass. I assumed that the shape
behind the glow was a person but where was everything else?

More Dark
After goofing off for two weeks, I had finally written a post for today, but then I read Edward's great story
about a night watch during the recent Pacific Cup. It was on a night
that was darker than the inside of Johnny Cash's wardrobe trunk.

Strange Finnage...There's More!
After starting a discussion about the turbo tunnel fin in the Aussie windsurfing forum Seabreeze some people posted shots of these fins.

Strangest Fin Seen In 25 Years…Could It Work?

Moth Sailors Are Bad People

Esteemed blogger O Docker has decreed that this week is Dork Week. I was a bit confused when I wrote yesterday's post. I thought the blogmaster said Dirk Week. Oops. Maybe I can make amends with this post and write about dorks instead.

"..And Giselle is modelling West Marine's new line of sailing apparel for the modern gal"

Some Amazing Sailing Photos From Europe

What do we have here?
Try to name the fish

Yo ho ho and a bottle of £ 600 rum?

Day 5 US Windsurfing Champs

Blog Mortality
Tillerman recently has had two posts, here and here trying to answer that weighty, age old human question, what happens at "the end", when it truly is "finis", when everything is finally "kaput".


Friday Pin Up

The Top Seven Signs You’re Fly Fishing Through a Heat Wave
The Underground – in yet another example of our Serious Commitment to Fly Fishing-Related Journalism – offers these hints for recognizing when it just might be too hot to fish…

This Weekend's Fly Box

Is This Good?
The bobber swims in circles for at least five seconds and I scream “SET!” a minimum of eighty times. Eventually, he finds it in his heart to sweep that big ol’ fly pole upwards and stretch that silly plastic line. There is twitching and headshaking. Long deliberate runs circle around the pool and I stifle the whisper that is pinballing in my brain “bigfuckingbrowntrout”. Saying such a thing out loud while staring hard at tense monofilament slicing green ether will automatically turn whatever is on the other end into an asshooked whitefish; such is the evil nature of river alchemy.

Finally from Rotor Head:

This is from a surfline photo essay on some new "slabs" in Brazil. I've included the link - some of the other photos are just insane. 20 years ago we'd swear up and down that one would die surfing a wave like this, if they could be surfed at all.

Here's the link for the full essay:

Photo 17 is one of the most insane surf photos ever.