What Happens When Fish On Fridays Does A Friday Flyover?

You get a video, of course.

Who is the Fish?

From Heavymetal:
“Fish made several successful flights, with picture-perfect landings, when the Admiral found out about the "fishcapades", at which time, just like Maverick in his Tomcat, The Fish was grounded. Never to be one to obey little things like the skipper's orders, however, our Brave Betta continued flying. And just flying F-14 Tomcats wasn't enough for him: he went on to fly every aircraft aboard the Kennedy, from A-18's to choppers, accumulating airtime in more aircraft types than any other aviator aboard the carrier.”

The Fish's flights were well documented, with just a little of the video footage being represented in the video. After a huge number of missions over Afghanistan and many other wartime theaters, this video was presented and shown to the Admiral, who was so impressed with the video, that he pardoned Fish for his disobedience.

After The Fish's tour of duty was over, Fish was honorably discharged, and is today in retirement in California. And no doubt he is telling all the female Bettas of his exploits, impressing the hell out them.”

Via Tailhook.