Eye Candy! The SC20.

I love her classic lines.
If you are in Europe, head over to London this weekend to the RYA Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace to see the SC20 in person.


I'd like to take her out for a spin. Michael, are you going to be selling them? Let's go sailing.

The SC20 appears to be very dinghy like in her performance. My kind of boat.


Keel draft:
Shoal draft:
Ballast (50%):
Upwind sail area:
Downwind sail area:

5.86 m (19’ 3”)
1.30 m (4’ 3”)
1.40 m ( 4’ 7”)
0.35 m (1’ 2”)
0.34 ton (750 lbs)
0.17 ton (375 lbs)
12.8 sqm (138 sqf)
28.8 sqm (310 sqf)