Speaking Of Circumnavigators: Around Britain In A Small Boat.

Dylan Winter is a "middle aged, middle class man, from middle England" who is sailing his small boat around Britain.

"My plan is to push my pudgy little bow into every estuary and river worth exploring as I undertake my 4 year journey around the coast of Britain - actually it might take a bit longer than four year..."  "I am sailing around the UK in a £2,000 40 year old yacht designed by a socialist newspaper as a yacht for the working man. I have done a year so far – from the isle of wight to the east coast – all done between jobs as a pro cameraman."

Dylan is my kind of guy.
"If you're after a sailing adventure that includes storms and danger, well as both a cameraman and an inveterate coward I try to sail only when the sun is shinning and the light good."

Follow Dylan's adventure at his channel on YouTube. Three cheers mate for living your dream!

Links: Dylan's Channel | Dylan's DVD site

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