Boat Of The Day. The PK 520.

The PK 520 is an updated version of the III C Finish sailing canoe designed by Erkki Ruokonen and Torolf Bäckman. What a knock out!

From Erkki: "I haven´t heard from you for a long time, how is living behind the Big Sea? I´m working hard with customers boats, as usual. At the moment life goes on while working on a new Catboat, drawn by Warner L. Winthrop in the 1930`. Interior is soon ready and it will be covered with a teak deck. Later in the spring I start working with to kayaks. And there is a huge 38 ft. mahogany motorboat that needs a lot of care, but it won´t be in the water this year. I have started to draw a new IIIC, much simplier than PK 520. I have a short video clip of PK 520, would you like see it? (YES!) The PK 520 works well, it´s a true beauty and quite fast too. My own dinghy sailing experience is a VLL ( a Very Low Level ) so it was not a big news to realize that the water was cold and wet during the first trial and errors with PK 520. We haven´t done nothing yet to simplify the drawings, so I must discuss with Torolf about it. Here is a picture of IIIC."

Awesome! Read more here.

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