Sorry Annie!

1 - Mike says you are not a sailor.
2 - Sail World called you a kite surfer. They even had a caption of you in your boat saying 'Anne Quemere kitesurfing.'
3 - You should have rowed like Maud or Roz.

From Sail World.
"While the world's speed record bodies argue about whether a kiteboard is a sailing boat or not for the purposes of speed records, an Amver container ship did not bother to ask the question when they steamed to the rescue of "French kite surfer"  Anne Quemere this week.

Anne, who had left San Francisco on November 4 on her "19 ft kite sailing boat" (hold the fort, they called it a sailing boat) heading for Tahiti, had traveled some 3,500 kilometers. She announced she was scrapping her trans-Pacific odyssey on Wednesday after being caught in the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), more picturesquely known as the Doldrums.

She was adrift and dangerously low on supplies when she decided to abandon ship 1500 nautical miles southeast of Hawaii. After trying to navigate back into good winds for almost a week Quemere notified French rescue authorities of her situation. The Maersk Mytilini, an Amver participating container ship, was diverted to rescue her."

More at Vagueo.

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