Just Another Freeking Day Dog, Just Another Freeking Day On The Bay.

Mike, I know it's cool where you are, but how about coming out here?
Bunty, good old dear one, I know it's great on Malta, but how about coming out here....you could always fly on to Nirvana....Maui from here.

This is the year of the KONA BOARD!!!! I'll show you my other "Secret" [not so secret] spot in a day or two or threee or four or five or whenever the hell I get around to it! Maybe, just maybe I'll learn how to jibe my F2... maybe, cross your fingers and hope "not" to die.

Please forgive me if I don't respond to your emails, I get at least a thousand a day. Sorry Steve ( damn it, you don't have a blog that I can link to!!!!!!), sorry Phillipe, sorry Dave...those Force 5 sails on Craigslist would have been awesome if I saw your email in time....Meanwhile how's the Ulua project coming? I really want to kick my project into gear!

Screw this, it's time for some Sangria. Viva Asturias!

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