Duck Dodgers In The 21st Century!

Sir Richard is out to conquer space and he wants you to buy a ticket!

Virgin Galactic herald's 'The Year of the Spaceship with the unveiling of
the designs of SpaceShipTwo and White Knight Two.

Virgin Galactic today unveiled the design of its new, environmentally benign,
space launch system based on the X Prize winning technology of
SpaceShipOne, which successfully flew into space for the third time in
October 2004 and won the $10m Ansari X Prize. The construction of the
White Knight Two (WK2) mothership, or carrier aircraft, is now very close to
completion at Scaled Composites in Mojave, CA and is expected to begin flight
testing in the summer of 2008. It is the world's largest, all carbon composite
aircraft; it has a unique high altitude lift capacity, capable of launching
SpaceShipTwo and its eight astronauts into sub-orbital space flight.
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SpaceShipTwo being carried up to a high altitude by WhiteKinightTwo.
Look Tilly, even Sir Richard likes multi-hulls (fuselages)!

SpaceShipTwo in sub-orbit.
Oh stewardess, can I get a Vodka Tonic?"

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