A Sad Day For NorCal Surfing.

Peter Davi, a legendary local surfer who lived for monster waves died Tuesday at
Ghost Trees, a Monterey County surf spot.

He apparently lost his board and attempted to swim to shore.  Davi was later
found floating in the water unconscious and was pronounced dead around 1:30 p.m.,
the Monterey County coroner's office said. ......

According to Tyler Smith who was at Ghost Trees at the time of the accident the
wave faces were as big as 60 to 70 feet, "almost as big as we've seen out there."

"It could be the biggest swell we see all season," said Smith, a competitor in the
Mavericks competition held in the waters off of Half Moon Bay.
"It was really dangerous. It's big, and it breaks right in front of these rocks.
It was big, and it was really tall."


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