Tired Old Tadpoles.

(I know the Moth is an Open Class boat.)
Sailing Anarchy is right, sailing at the Olympics needs major surgery.
It's time to dump the tired old tadpoles and replace them with boats that make the
juices flow.

How about the Tornado? Oops, they dumped that boat.
Too slow they said. The Star just blows it's socks off, doesn't it?

What about the A-Cat as a replacement for the Laser?
Do you really want to watch another Laser race?

Multi-hullphobic, how about the Musto Skiff instead?

I'm not kidding, do you really want to watch another Laser race?


Check out the video.

I'd really love to see the International Canoe in the Olympics.

It will never happen since the I-Canoe is also an Open Class boat.

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