Hi Joe, Streaker? Phantom? You've Got To Be Kidding Me? What About A Contender?

Hi Joe:

I'm writing in response to the query about recommendations for a singlehanded boat.
My answer: why hike when you can put yourself out on the wire?
Edward's Dad-In-Law needs a Contender! It saves your back and knees a
load of grief, and with the trapeze, weight is not as much of an issue as it is with
the Finn. There are still several active Contender sailors who are near their 60s.

The early Canadian fleet featured a bunch of homebuilt Contenders that are
still sailing, so it would be a great winter project. There's also a pretty good
used boat market. The class has also moved to carbon rigs (so there's no
chance of becoming a dinosaur fleet), and there are solid fleets all over
Europe, Australia, and we're bringing it back in North America.
The 2008 Worlds will be in Kingston, Ontario.

Some links:





And the mother of all great racing videos:



I've also attached a picture of one of the earliest Canadian homebuilt contenders
(looks nice doesn't it?), and a more modern action shot from the US Contender
class site. The skipper is Gil Wooley (getting to 70 but still kicking butt).


Stephanie "Tetley" Mah

It's very uncanny, but the woman in the above photo looks like my cousin
who lives in the Channel Islands.

Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie, you are an agent provocateur. Shame on you for
stirring the pot!.........Not really, this is fun, in fact it could be endless. Whose next?
Any multi-hulls out there for Edwards older gentleman?

Check out this thread on SA.

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