Ok, Ok, I Know I'm Slow As Mud. My Favorite Sailing Blogs.

Just don't throw a cup of coffee at my head.!

Here are the winners of the first annual Popeye awards for excellence in sail blogging.
The blogs listed are ones that post frequently and are consistently interesting.
Does that guy look like a Laser sailor to you?

First over the starting line is the Tillerman.
We see him here singing sea shanties to a future sailor.
Or is he indoctrinating her with his evil Laser ways for world domination?

Craig dishes up bonehead moves and more over at H2uO.
I'm glad to see I'm not the only bonehead in the world.

Mr. Boatblog....what can I say, he's insane!
He is often seen feeding Laser sailors to his pet shark off of the coast of Holland.

.sNIPEOUT, non capisco!
Even if you don't understand Italian you'll get a kick out of .sNIPEOUT's photos and

Bonnie sails, paddles, knows how to do an Eskimo roll (does that come with butter?)
and even does the hula
.. ... I really don't know if she dances.
Bonnie, is that kelp hanging from your neck?
Just say no to Lasers!

Cat attack. I love A- Cats, so you know I have to include The US A-Cat Blog
I know the title sucks, but the photos are great.

The Peconic Puffin rocks. Windsurfing, windsurfing, windsurfing.
Bobby you know you want to try it.

That's what I'm talking about! Real sailors love to drink, at least the ones I hang out
with do. Antony the Soulsailor does his best to stay sober will sailing Enterpises in the UK.

Not another Brit! Adam's Messing About Boats is mellow, besides you've got
love a guy who has owned and sailed a Cape Dory Typhoon.

Live Sail Die is all about the wonderful sailing world downunder.
I wonder how they sail upside down? The photo above is of OG, Johnsee and some
unknown Aussie sailor checking out conditions at the beach.

Would you buy a boat from this guy? I didn't think so.
Thank God he's not a Laser sailor. He's Jake, the skipper of the Team Seacats racing team.

Steve's the 2006 US Windsurfing National Champion and is campaigning both nationally
and internationally in the Formula Windsurfing Class.
He's a local brah!

Sailscape is wonderful photo blog, you do see the photo above?
Great photos that make me want to sail away and play.

Bill Tai wears a suit, doles out money to guys with wacky ideas and writes
a real cool blog, Kiteblog.
Some of the guys at SA say that kiteboarding is not sailing, I say horse fart.
Nice air Bill, ...is that a blue tooth device in your ear?

Edward, did you think I would forget you? Arggggggggggggh.

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I love spam! Thanks Mr. Danko.

If youhave any blogs that you think I should read or would like me to link to you
live a message in the comments section.

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