They're Back!

The Navy is back in town for Fleet Week. Every year people from around the Bay Area flock to the bay to watch the parade of ships and to see the air show which stars the Blue Angels.
Sorry, Thunderbirds are no go.


While many of my fellow sailors bobbed up and down on their boats in the bay, I pulled out the deck chair, drank an adult beverage and watched the shindig from the comfort of my roof deck.

The Blue Angels flew somersaults over my building, which caused some of my lefty tenants to go into convulsions and fall face down on to the ground wreathing in pain.
Do I smell sulphur in the room? Those jets represent the forces of global imperialism lead by the evil dictator Bush, and to top it off they are not carbon free.

Pardon the noise, that's the sound of freedom.
Thanks, I was trying to take a nap.

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