The Angry Sea. Photos Of Her All Worked Up.

Anyone who has been out at sea knows that the sea is a harsh mistress. The weather can turn and wack the hell out of you.

The photos below illustrate the fury of the sea.

Some fun on an oil rig.

Heavy Seas. Not a fun place to be!

Yikes! This is not what I want to see when looking out of the wheelhouse.

I wonder if they are sea sick?

Do you notice how small this ship looks in the heavy seas?

Just a wee lad of a wave. Help!

This is an illustration taken from a BBC special on Rogue Waves.

The real deal.

The next time you think that Captain Cook had it easy or about sailing off into the sunset remember these photos and have a copy of Adlard Coles "Heavy Weather Sailing."

Some Photos from Heavy Seas.
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Slideshow of Heavy Seas from my photobucket site.
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