Derek Ho Makes It Look Easy. Surfing.

Here is Derek Ho riding a wave in the Air Tahiti Nui/Von Zipper trials at the treacherous Teahupoo. He and 79 other big wave surfers are trying to land one of two wildcards in the Billabong Pro Tahiti contest which begins May 5th and runs until the 17th.

Here is what Surfline has to say about Teahupoo:
"This isn't your father's perfect wave, and unless seeing your next birthday doesn't rank on your list of priorities, it isn't yours either. Tahiti's Teahupoo (pronounced cho-pu) is essentially a glorified closeout -- a hideous, deadly barrel promising a heap of trouble for even the most capable of surfers. In recent years, professional contests and high-profile tow-ins have bombarded us with images of her seemingly flawless barrels, but no other surf spot extracts a higher toll than Teahupoo, the heaviest wave in the world."