Baleine - Whale

It's time once again to check in our wacky French Heroine Maud Fontenoy as she makes her way across the Pacific from Peru to Tahiti. Let's listen in.....

I dare you to click the image. Warning! Not for the faint of heart.

There ! over there !. 40 metres in front of us, a powerful geyser comes out of the ocean. My stomach knots up, my heart races, my legs are like cotton; a whale, a huge cetacea crosses our path. I am completely charmed. Come nearer; quickly. A little voice in my ear advises me caution but I don t listen to it.

Nothing else exists anymore, only the ocean, this giant mammal and my little boat. I only have eyes for this mysterious creature full of magic.

Slowly, I put my hand in the water, wishing secretly that the ocean will transmit my good intentions. If my fingers could speak they would say: « quiet baby, quiet» as if they would be in front of a monster. This superb animal gives off a feeling of exceptional power but also an iimmense peace. I would like for an instant become whale, undrstand what it is thinking about while looking at Océors hull rolling at the surface.

only 15 metres from it. It take its head out.

Completly charmed, I hold my breath. If the time could stop!. Like a dream, it makes a pause of a few seconds, and then embrace the ocean in a serene dive.

I have tears in my eyes. Am I more sensitive? Did my human armour become permeable? I have the impression that the ocean just whispered a secret to me, and whatever the price that for was, it was good.
Souffle du Pacifique

Maud's location

days at sea : 64 days
distance achieved : 5933,81 km
distance remaining : 964,89 km