The Real Watermen...People....The Sama-Bajau!

A segment we filmed for Earth Diary about the Badjao fishermen from Bohol, Philippines. The BADJAO tribe are nomadic SEA GYPSIES. They can be found in SE Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, with numbers around 100,000. Traditionally, the Bajau, even today, live mostly on the sea.
The Bajau Laut (or Sama Dilaut) are underwater hunter-gatherers. The movie was recorded in Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia during my recent field trips. Bajau Laut are one of the most wide-spread indigenous peoples of Southeast Asia and have been living on the sea for more than 1 000 years.
The film is made in togean district tojo una una district of central sulawesi. this film tells about the life of legendary hunter bajau tribes. Film ini dibuat di daerah togean kabupaten tojo una una sulawesi tengah. film ini menceritakan tentang kehidupan pemburu legendaris suku bajo.
Semporna is a small town at Sabah, East Malaysia. Most people know this place as one of the world's best diving and snorkling spots. But what most miss about this place is that, it is also home to an ethnic group of people known as the Bajau, an indigenous ethnic group of Maritime Southeast Asia.

No people on the planet are as integrated with the water than the Sama-Bajau, not even the Polynesians.