Baby, It's Cold Outside.

I need to get out of Dodge and high tail it over to a place where I won't suffer from frost bite on my hands when I go down to the beach. I was at Crissy yesterday contemplating a paddle, that lasted about a second as the cold Arctic breeze kissed my face. Yes, I know, some would say I'm a wimp. But let's face it folks, humans evolved in the tropics. (If you're a creationist, please don't email me.) We like warm weather, cold is not good for our bodies. Just walk around outside in the nude without a bottle of scotch in the middle of a "temperate" winter. Speaking of scotch, I've got to go. Baby, it's cold outside.

Aloha Friday.

The kitchen sink of photos from Hawaii.

If you don't want to go there after looking at these photos, then I'm lost at how I'm going to persuade's actually your lose.