Wrecks On Wednesday. Ah-Oh, Joe. It Looks Like Snow.

Tall ship

The Tall Ship Sloop Providence, Rhode Island’s Official Flagship and Tall Ship Ambassador, has suffered damage after toppling over in blizzard conditions at Newport Shipyard on Tuesday.

The vessel is a 110 foot fully rigged sailing vessel and a faithful replica of John Paul Jones’ famous warship that sank or captured 40 British ships during the American Revolutionary War. It had been hauled at Newport Shipyard and apparently tipped over during the peak of a blizzard that brought gusts upwards of 60 mph to the coast. Read more here.

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No More Freaking Excuses!


USS Port Royal aground on a reef. No excuses. Poor watchstanding, navigation and piloting. Result: Loss of command. 

On 2 June 2009, the Navy disciplined four Port Royal officers for the grounding. In a hearing presided over by Vice Admiral Samuel J. Locklear, commander of the United States Third Fleet, John Carroll was given non-judicial punishment for "dereliction of duty and improper hazarding of a vessel." Port Royal Executive Officer Commander Steve Okun was also given non-judicial punishment for dereliction of duty at the same hearing. In a separate hearing, Rear Admiral Dixon Smith, commander of Navy Region Hawaii and Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific, imposed non-judicial punishment on two other, unnamed Port Royal officers and an enlisted seaman for dereliction of duty and improper hazarding of a vessel.


USS Guardian aground a reef. No excuses. Poor watchstanding, navigation and piloting. Result: Loss of command.

The U.S. Federal Government has apologized for the incident and have relieved from duty four officers, Lt. Cmdr. Mark A. Rice, his executive officer and navigator Lt. Daniel Tyler, the ship's assistant navigator and the officer of the deck at the time of the mishap. "The initial investigation findings clearly indicate that (the four) at the time of the grounding did not adhere to standard US Navy navigation procedures," the Manila Bulletin quoted the U.S. Navy as saying. The U.S. Government has acknowledged that the grounding was entirely preventable and caused by human error and a failure of leadership to provide adequate oversight and direction in planning and executing the Navigation Plan

Team vestas wind

"If the quickest route takes you through reefs or shallow water, you follow it, There’s no such thing as being more careful, You’re out there to win a race.”Ken Read

“We are offshore in the middle of nowhere, and on the chart, if you don’t go on the maximum zoom you can’t see anything.” - Charles Caudrelier

I've been reading people making excuses for this mishap left and right. Just stop it!

“We are offshore in the middle of nowhere, and on the chart, if you don’t go on the maximum zoom you can’t see anything.”


"It is far better to have absolutely no idea of where one is - and to know it - than to believe confidently that one is where one is not." - Jean-Dominique Cassini

Me cago en la mar1


Me cago en la mar2

Zoom, zoom.

Me cago en la mar3

Zoom, zoom, zoom!


I guess paper charts aren't so old fashioned after all.

Of course, this ribbing is all in good fun. I'm glad that everyone from Team Vestas Wind were rescued and unharmed. To quote Fredrik Lönegren, "Shit happens!"

Mishap Monday.


Barkeep, I like it straight up, not on the rocks!

Photo of Team Vestas Wind after grounding on a charted atoll in the Indian Ocean. Yes boys and girls, even the experienced guys screw up sometimes. To quote Fredrik Lönegren, "Shit happens!"

Mind you, I think the navigator is looking for new opportunities. Maybe he should leave his stint with Team Vestas off his CV. I'm just saying.

Wayback Wednesday.


Where are we going today Mr. Peabody? Sherman, we are travelling back to 2011 to see for ourselves why it's not a good thing to play chicken with a ship in a channel.

Wrecked on wednesday


Wrecked on wednesday2

Ah-oh, mast fall down and go boom.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tUoUxzt9sI]

Fall off, fall off...too late! Nice sail shape.

Former Naval officer and skipper of the Atalanta of Chester, Ronald Wilson and his crew of serving or former Royal Navy personnel managed to collide with the tanker ship, Hanne Knutsen. The yacht's highly experienced crew - which consisted of serving and retired Royal Navy officers - had failed to correctly anticipate the tanker's movements. Do tell! A big red ship, balsting it's horn and sailing up a narrow channel, damn near impossible to tell where it's going.

Hubris is not a good thing.

Wrecks On Wednesday: Spanish Ship Splits In Half. (Moving Pictures)

Wrecks on wednesday

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuzSkFlsILc]

What happens when your engines give out and you're next to a seawall? Munchola!

The Spanish cargo ship Luno collided into the sea wall at Anglet, after its engines failed. More at the BBC and Hybridcar.com.

Mommy Monday. (Moving Pictures)

Zumaia Marina

Wait a second, Joe. This doesn't cry out Mommy. It looks so pleasant and peaceful. What a nice little marina. Ah, my friends, looks can be decieving.


I wonder what happens out past the breakwater? Hm, I wonder?


Hm, I wonder?


Velero volcado en Zumaia from Gabi on Vimeo.

You've probably seen the photos from a few years back of our brillant band of heroes attempting to sail past the breakwater into the marina at Zumaia, now see the video. Via our friends at Pressure Drop.