Squirt Gun Fight At Sea!


Credit: REUTERS/Kyodo


A frat party that got out of hand?

Go ahead and spray me

"Taiwan recently entered a mounting dispute over islands in the East China Sea by sending ten ships from the Taiwanese coastguard accompanied the fishing boats on their protest, which lasted longer than 24 hours. When near the coast of the islands, Japanese ships got in their way, both sides started firing water cannon at each other. Taiwan's coastguard demanded over a loudspeaker that the Japanese ships respect Taiwan's territory." At least they didn't start shooting live rounds at each other.

"The islands at the center of the dispute are a small archipelago off the coast of Taiwan, claimed by China, Japan, and Taiwan itself. They are dubbed the Senkaku in Japan, the Diaoyu in China and the Tiaoyutai in Taiwan. Japan annexed the islands from China in 1895 and has controlled them ever since, except when the country was administered by the US from 1945 to 1972. The waters surrounding the islands are rich fishing grounds, and a 1968 geological survey discovered possible oil and gas reserves in the area." Ah-ha, follow the money!

Yes kids, adults are mature. You need to pay attention to them.