Got Milk? (Monday Morning Mishap)


So there you are, cruising along and you hit a reef. Things then start to tumble into the sea. (like big containers)


Half and half?


The next thing you know, you've got bags of powdered milk on the beach.

A cargo ship grounded off the New Zealand coast since October has split into two pieces after being lashed by pounding seas, spilling sea containers and debris and sparking fears a fresh oil spill could wash ashore, maritime officials said on Sunday.

The wreck of the Greek-owned Rena was described as New Zealand’s worst maritime environmental disaster even before the rear section of the ship, lashed by pounding seas, broke away overnight. The ship previously spilled heavy fuel oil that fouled pristine North Island beaches and killed up to 20,000 seabirds, and despite salvage efforts nearly 400 tons of oil remain onboard.

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