Friday Fishwrap. Part 1: Sailing

The highlights of the week from my fellow waterlogged bloggers and others.

W minus UH or is it a dash? From Ole's blog:

The Maltese Falcon...  279' long, wow.  Click to view slide show.  You might be impressed by the yacht, but I'm impressed by the amount of time it must have taken to design this yacht; all the myriad details of this huge beautiful complicated thing.  And I ask myself, how did the owner (Tom Perkins) make time for this?  The whole idea of leisure time - whether spent doing nothing, or spent doing something like designing one's yacht - is strange, alien.

“All boat design is a compromise” – Rubbish

Team Origin Wins 1851 Trophy 

..nO wAY!! .sNIPEOUT


..ebbene sì..
..nonostante tutto ancora preferisco le regate sulle derive alla crociera..
..ed i toast alla piastra anzichè "fritti"..
..e adesso, per ri-bilanciare il karma di questa colonna..
..qui sotto una video-markettona vetero-nazionalista-buonista-finto-ecologista tanto ben confezionata quanto straziante..

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Windsurfers Drag Racing Extreme 40 Catamaran Pindar

Dinghy - Nick Craig and James Stewart continue to lead Enterprise Nationals . . .

Five iPhone apps for sailors CNN International - World Sport

Wishing for the Darkness evk4

I'm not going to name names because what happens on the boat stays on the boat. Or something like that. I even have photographic evidence but am holding that in my special blackmail folder I keep on all people that I know (or know about). But I do have to tell the story.

The Scandinavian Cruiser-20: A Laser for the 21st Century! Doc Häagen-Dazs

Fish on Fridays Messing About In Sailboats.

Copa del Rey día 5 Jaunpa Cadario

Cat Crash H2uh0

Be Safe Because It's Getting Strange Out There Desert Sea

port mogeur in plouha Bowsprite

Äntligen windsurfingfredag… Blur

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O Tahiti Nui Freedom Outrigger Sailing Canoes

Expedition to Papua New Guinea Canoe Sailing Magazine