So You Want To Go Sailing. If You Have A Canoe or Kayak, Here's How You Can.

From Sailing Yak
A simple and easy way for people to go sailing is by adding akas, amas, a mast and sail to a kayak.

Fortunately for us, Chesapeake Light Craft has an excellent kit (The SailRig™ MK2) that converts most kayaks and canoes into sailing trimarans. "Mounted on a single kayak, the acceleration is neck-snapping, with good handling upwind and down and 9-knot potential. Ten-foot beam gives you monolithic stability (and thus sail carrying power with no hiking out), but the whole rig can be dismantled for cartopping in a half-hour. The SailRig™ MK2 components weigh only about 30lbs total."

"While the CLC SailRig™-equipped kayak is a proper sailboat by any measure, the beauty of the design is that you get your kayak back when you're done sailing. With the SailRig™ removed, all that's left are four eyebolts and an easily hidden mast step: no bulky reinforcements or heavy gear. No worries if the wind dies, because the aka (crossbeam) spacing permits a paddling stroke with the SailRig™ in place.

Fast sailing kayak-trimarans open up all sorts of adventure possibilities. The compact kayak and rig can be cartopped to some far-flung archipelago, assembled on the beach, loaded with gear, and sailed 40+ miles in eight hours. If the wind dies, you paddle. In good weather, long crossings can be contemplated, and a theoretical voyage might carry you 250 miles or more in six days."