Tillerman Tuesday. Did Someone Mention Pottery?

This is what I'm talking about! An ancient Greek wine cup that proves the Tillerman has been around a long time. Look as he sails downwind in search of a caipirinha. Unfortunately for ancient Tillerman, the search would last another 2,000 years.

The kylix, or shallow wine cup was a table-top piece used at all meals. Many were highly decorated to adorn banquet tables and spoke of the good taste of the host. This kylix of Dionysos Crossing the Sea was painted by the famous 6th century artist, Exekias, and the original is found in the Museum Antiker Kleinkunst, in Munich.

The scene depicts a Homeric hymn of Dionysos’ first appearance in Greece. On his journey he was seized by pirates, and frightened the pirates away by making wine pour from his boat, and the mast spring with grape vines. The pirates jumped overboard and were turned into dolphins. Dionysos’ appearance in Greece as a striking young man with “flowing hair” was the beginning of the long-lasting Cult of Dionysos centered around the gift of wine that he brought.

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