Where Ya Bin Joe?

I've had some connectivity problems.

Fortunately, AT&T has stellar tech support.
They managed to waste hours of my time reading their script to me.
me: "Listen, I have a static IP address."
monkey: "No sir, you do not have one. We changed it to DHCP."
(I installed a new router, the old one went belly up.)
me: "Are you sure? I'm looking at my setup guide from Pacebell and it says that I have a static IP. I think the DNS has changed.
monkey: "No sir, you have DHCP."
I don't know how may times they had me go to the DOS prompt and type in ipconfig/release?

And God said, "Let there be connectivity;" and there was connectivity.

Days later. my case was upgraded to second tier support. 2 minutes after talking to the technician, case closed, connectivity reestablished. Guess what? I have a static IP and the DNS had been changed. Thank you for using AT&T!

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