Waltzing Matilda. Where Would You Go, If You Were Going To Australia?

I have a question for my Australian readers.
Where would you go, if you were going to Oz? (If you've been there, you can answer too.)

  1. Sydney. (Kayaking and SUP the harbour.)
  2. Melbourne. (My Australian tenant who is from Sydney said, "Why on Earth would you go to Melbourne? It's like Cleveland! Because the Sabre is from there and I can buy a sail!)
  3. Tasmania.
  4. The Great Barrier Reef. a. Heron Island. (Luxury....my wife's choice) b. The Whitsundays.(sailing baby, sailing...my choice) c. Port Douglas.
  5. Ningaloo Marine Park. (Western Oz alternative to the Great Barrier.)
  6. Perth. (Why not.)
  7. Lord Howe Island. (World Heritage site, you can surf, snorkel and dive there)
  8. Noosa Head. (All praise Tom Wegener!!!!! Fraser Island is just up the coast. Then a little further is Heron.)

Mind you, I have been to Oz 4 times...... It was many moons ago, My Dad dragged the clan down under to scope out the territory. He toyed with the idea of emigrating. Please, please don't mention Alice Springs or Ayers Rock. Been there, done that.  Once was enough.

My wife and I are going in September. We will be on the ground for 14.5 days. I'm thinking 3 stops. What do you think?

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