Friday Fishwrap.

Sailworld: Ericsson 4 takes Volvo lead - Puma on a charge into second.
I'm confused, Ericsson is a phone, Volvo is a car, Puma is a shoe and a Cougar, which is also a car and an older woman who dates younger men. Can I have a drink now?

Russell Coutts is on Twitter....1 post from March...."No wind today again. Better luck next time." He actually sails, while I'm here typing. Grrrrrr!

Frank thinks about humility. Puffy found some wind, in fact he sailed, sailed and sailed. In the morning, "it hurt to pick up the orange juice carton." Amen brother, you had a good day!

Peter, "Spurt mot Boston." Whatever dude, don't you know you're supposed to write in English!
Awesome pics of the Cell Phone boat.

Michael (not Puffy, but my former protege) gives us a reading assignment. I'm not in school damn it!

Jake gives us a couple of videos. Craig gives us a video that Jake should enjoy.

Bonnie's notice of a ..... no! .....No! ...... NO! .......OH MY GOD, NO! A Laser Regatta sponsored by the Sebago Canoe Club. I wonder if the Tillerman will be there? Speaking of the Tillerman, I could point to one post but can't. They're all freaking good. Gee whiz, the guy can write.

Speaking of writers, Edward has been writing up a storm over at the Examiner. I wonder if he knows Michael Barone?

What? David actually has a post without a mermaid involved!

Joe want's to know. Adam, "Will there be more posts? Who is next, John Franklin?  gCaptain, "What is it?" Tugster asks, "What are they fishing?" "Who would imagine commercial fishing happens right between Manhattan and Hoboken?"

Have you jumped on the Alaia bandwagon yet? Surfer Magazine catches up with Tom Wegener. Olosurfer gives you step by step instructions on making an Alaia.

If this is the Fish Wrap, where's the fish? Buster serves us a video. There is no way to say it other than, Catch Magazine is out-and-out fish porn!

Moldy Chum asks, "What do you do with 100 million carp?" Tom thinks that trout season is almost here. He could be right.
Where's that drink?

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