Hello Joe!

Did you forget Adam's email to you?

Dear Fellow Sailing and Nautical Bloggers

First of all apologies for the somewhat impersonal email but it's for a worthwhile cause. In two weeks, it will be the 40th anniversary of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's non-stop solo circumnavigation and victory in the Sunday Times Golden Globe.

From what I can tell this seems to be going largely unnoticed. This is arguably one if not the greatest feats in sailing. As a small way to celebrate this I am trying to get a movement going online to make April 22nd Robin Knox-Johnston Day on the web.


To that end I am hoping that you will join me on that day by doing a post in celebration. Alternatively you can tweat, or shout-out on Facebook about it.

If you feel that others in your network would participate too, please pass this on.

Please email me and let me know if you think you will participate.

Many thanks


Mea culpa Adam, I'm such a procrastinator!

One of the perks of being a sailing superhero is that you get to talk to sailors who look like Sam.

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