A Dispatch From Our Man In Hawaii. [Mark Denzer] - "Laser Flat-Water World Speed Sailing Record."


Today’s outlook was:  high wind warnings  -  civil defense alert  -  schools closed  -  State government closed  -  gusts up to 60 knots.

So what do we do? …GO SAILING!!

Jesse Andrews, Kea Ho, me and my son Gavin decided to attempt a Flat-Water World Speed Sailing Record for Lasers. What a blast. You can see the pictures below.


Actually, setting the record was not so hard: there is no world speed record for Lasers. Sounds crazy to me. The Laser is a race boat, racers are supposed to be fast but there is no speed record.

During a few weeks of emailing, all of the following organizations stated that they do not maintain such a record:

-International Laser Class Organization

-World Speed Sailing Record Council

-Guinness Book of World Records


So we are claiming that record for ourselves today, 1/16/09. Top speed: 16.8 knots, or 28 feet per second without the help of waves (we were overtaking the waves). If you want to beat us, find some flat water, take an accurate GPS, get three reputable witnesses and go for it. ‘Till then, we hold the world record. We are making it easy for you because the wind never got past 30 knots or so. Email me when you get it done: mdenzer@pixi.com. Somebody has to keep track, might as well be me.

Mark Denzer blasting away on the water.

Jesse Andrews, UH Assistant Sailing Coach, wondering why he didn't sail a Force 5.

Kea Ho also blasting away.

Mark's supportive wife Betsy watches from the spectator's gallery.
She must have wondered why no one sailed a Force 5.

Kea being towed in after bidding aloha to his rig.
He should have sailed a Force 5.

Photos: Gavin Denzer

Oh Mr. Tillerman!

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