A Bucket Full Of Nonsense. What Does The Tillerman Want?

An old rust bucket?

A bucket full of fish?
It can't be, he hates fishing! Boring says he.

A beach bucket?
He can build sand castles with his granddaughter in between sailing his Laser from the beach.

A Navy woman sailor's bucket hat?

Maybe jefe, maybe.

A sailor using a bucket to pour water on himself?

Oh look, a bucket on a sailboat.
This can't be what he means, there's a fishing pole next to the bucket. Who in his right mind would fish from a sailboat.

A wahine, water and a bucket?
Don't I wish!

This has to be what the Tillerman wants.
A bucket full of Sea Dog beer!

Fun is fun, all I have on my sailing wish list Captain Tillster is to live in a place where the water is warm all year long and the winds are fair. Sailing in that kind of environment would be Heaven indeed.

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