I'm Sorry Deputy Dog, This Is Not Calgary!

To stampede or not to stampede, that is the question.
Not all the "folks" or "friends" agree with Senor El Presidente or the experts on CNBC and the major networks that we need to rush the horses off the ranch without knowing the terrain. I know that I'm not the smartest cowpoke on the spread, but it's been my experience that panic always leads to bad decisions. You never know, the direction toward the South 40 might have a cliff or two.

Below are those with differing views on how to handle the current "CRISIS."

More from Arnold Kling.

Bailout will turn America into England.

Bankruptcy, not bailout, is the right answer

Why the Bailout is Bad for America.

Does It Take a Panic to Stop a Panic?

How Would We Know If a Bail-Out Worked? Take Your Stand

I Think We Better Think It Out Again

You Can't Rescue the Financial System If You Can't Read a Balance Sheet

"Are there really only two choices: a depression or nationalization? Can we afford this bailout without spending cuts? Should we rescue financial institutions without the help of the private sector? Why the rush to war?"

That should be enough for you to chew on.

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