Sweet Thing.

The Unicorn Cat in action.
Dog you can build this puppy at home.

Here are her specs:

  • Single handed 'A' class cat
  • Trapeze and una rig
  • PY of 775, ISAF 1.086
  • Length 5.49m (18ft)
  • Beam 2.29m (7ft 6in)
  • Sail Area 13sqm
  • Mast Height 7.93m (26ft)
  • Latest Sail No 1098
  • Portsmouth Yardstick of 775 compares with a
    Tornado at 693 and a Hurricane 5.9 at 691 and a
    Shadow with a provisional 732
  • ISAF rating of 1.086 compares with a Tornado
    at 1.004, a Hurricane 5.9 at 1.009 and a Shadow
    at 1.069
  • Superb boat in light winds with high performance
    up to F6 due to the flexibility of the rig settings
  • Daggerboards for high efficiency and superb
  • Flexible mast with loose footed main. Adjustments
    to outhaul, downhaul, kicker and lower shrouds.
    With a full cut sail this gives terrific scope for control
    of sail shape
  • Trapeze for the ultimate sailing challenge
  • Una rig for simplicity of sail handling
    (13 sqm sail area to A class specification)
  • Plans available for the skilled home builder from
    the RYA.

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