Kite Power Part 3.

For those skeptics out there, here a couple of old posts from version 1.

Speaking of Kites.
posted 12/08/04

Look Ma, no spinnaker!

Sean Langman’s 66-foot AAPT will use a kite instead of a spinnaker in this
years Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

Kite boarders can apply! The approach to Sydney Harbor.

The OutLeader™ kite flies in the stronger stable
wind well above the level of the boat’s masthead, providing enormous pulling power.
The kite looks like half of a giant parachute, but measures as a spinnaker. Unlike a
normal spinnaker, it is sheeted only from the deck, so it doesn’t contribute to heeling
the boat or burying the bow. This means that the risks of uncontrolled spinnaker
wipe-outs are almost eliminated.  

KiteShip rocks! I want one for my boat. I'll have to wait for them to build a
smaller chute for my little boat. :( When that happens I'll say, "See ya later spinnaker!"


Outrigger Kiting?
posted 12/10/04

Here is a picture of our heros using a Robbie Naish kite on an outrigger
canoe. Damn, that's cool.

They launch near Mama's Fish House (excellent food and Mai Tais) on Maui and
head out into the very windy Pailolo Channel.

"Holy Shit...Take off!"

Via Wet Ass.

Photos from Kiteboat.


What Was Once Old Is New Again.
posted 10/05/05

A return to sail power? Kite powered ships, no masts required!
The Economist has a nice article on the return of sailing ships in it's September 23rd issue.

Kites are popping up everywhere. Kite surfing, sailboats, outrigger canoes,
kayaks and now ocean going ships. I would like to get one for my Cape Dory
and one for my kayak.

Links: SkySails | KiteShip | KiteBoat | TopKayaker | The Economist


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