Spring Cleaning.

The Banshee is still hibernating. She is tucked in and catching some shut eye
before I wake her in a few weeks. The Alden is peaking at me asking me to take
her out for a spin. But the Knysna has an attitude problem, she is saying,
"Dude clean me up so we go out and play in the surf."
You're lucky old gal that Bonnie poked me into doing some Spring cleaning.

She looks pretty good, but what's up with the ivy?

The foot pedals work, hurray!
Do you like the pvc tape? Can you guess what it's for?

A little corrosion around the rudder controls.
Houston, it looks like we can go for a splash next weekend.

The sticks are a whole different tamale.
I'm going to have to re-glass them. What a pain!

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