How To Launch The Tillerman's Favorite Boat.

Jetski follies 1
1. Load you PWC in the back of the SUV, and drive to the nearest launch ramp.
Open the back doors of the SUV and back into the water. The PWC should float
out into the water.

Jetski follies 2
2. Once the PWC is afloat and the SUV is half filled with water, drive the SUV back
onto the ramp. It helps to have someone stand on the walkway and point toward shore.

Jetski follies 3
3. If at any point the SUV starts to disappear from view, you may be fairly certain
that the operation is not going as planned. However, this is a viable alternative to
crowded parking conditions at most ramps.

Jetski follies 4
4. With your craft safely launched and engine revved, you are now ready for a great
day on the lake.

I was at Clear Lake this weekend and I must say that beer and jetskis are a wonderful combination.

Via Eli.

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