This floating estate was spotted on Long Island Sound last summer.

Spiral Island

Richie Sowa's Spiral Island.
Richie Sowa is a British carpenter who dreamed of living on his own private island. So he spent 4 years building one out of 250,000 plastic bottles. Spiral Island, which measures 66ft by 54ft, weighs 60 tons and has three sandy beaches. The mangrove-covered paradise is anchored off the coast of Mexico near Cancun.

Forbes Island

Forbes Kiddoo's Island aka Forbes' Island.
Forbes Kiddoo built this originally as his floating home. He had it anchored in Richardson Bay. However the residents of the newly built Strawberry Point homes objected to it since it marred their veiw of San Francisco. If you have been in the Bay Area long enough you will remember that Richardson Bay was once  filled with 2 large barges and several derilict boats that the "Sea" people lived on. These were all demolished by the Army Corps of Engineers due to the complaints from the "Strawberry" folks.

Forbes moved his island up to the delta and then to San Francisco where he turned it into a restaurant.

It's not a bad place for food, plus you can watch fish swim by the underwater portholes. The restaurant is located at Pier 39 in San Francisco. If your lucky Forbes will greet you at the dock and take you out to the island on his launch.

Inspired by Live Sail Die and Strange Watercraft.

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