Dave Kissane's Training Schedule. Paddlers Take Notes.

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There's a great article on Dave Kissane, the three-time Australian Men's Health Ocean Racing Series champ, over at Epic Kayaks.

Here's a peak at Dave's typical week of training:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Flat water kayak squad interval workout: 15-20 km total, i.e. 4 km, 2 x 2 km, 2 x 1 km, 2 x 500m, then 5 min. easy paddling followed by 2 x 2 km, 2 x 1km, 2 x 500.

Wednesday: Open ocean session. Typically something like 8 x 2 km at a heart rate between 135-150 beats per minute.

Thursday: Flat water workout, i.e. 4 km wash riding warm-up and then 6-8, 500 meter efforts.

Friday: Go surf! If there are no waves, he’ll go for a swim and a run.

Saturday: Two hour session with other open water paddles. i.e. 5 min. efforts for 70 minutes into the wind and then a straight 50 min. effort back with the wind

Sunday: Either a 2 hour downwind paddle or a club race in either kayaks or in the ocean. The only thing that I do that is similar to Dave's schedule is Friday's workout (minus the run). I guess I won't be paddling in this year's Molokai race.

Brah, you'll see me on the beach driniking Mai Tais.