Maud Update: Lalala lalala lalala..... Almost there. Rowing across the Pacifique.

More from our brave loopey girl as she rows across the Pacific.

In my bubble

"Voici venu le temps des rires et des chansons, dans l'ile aux enfants c'est tous les jours le printemps lalala lalala lalala..."

The sun rises, Pétula my little sea cock has recovered her voice. In the cockpit she gazing at some soft clouds, eiderdown of the morning which, at the horizon put some make up with a soft and gentle pink light. OCEOR see in them some nice marshmallows. We definitely need sugar on board.

It will be nice and hot, I take my stuff out for drying. During the day the sky becomes completely clear and take such a pale colour that it looks like white.

I have the feeling being under a glass cover. I close my eyes. I imagine the end of the road, on the other side of the bubble, a very small door where OCEOR and myself could pass. I can see me opening it carrefuly. I can already hear the charivari of land....

Slowly I close it to take a breath.
My oars take their regular rythm.
The arrival comes nearer.
Air Tahiti Nui already brought my team to Papeete but all this seems so far, so unreal.
Je vous embrasse.

In her spare time Maud draws with crayons and cuts out pictures for her scrapbook.